Klass K1003 Crane
The Klaas K1003 crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 6.0 tonne at 7.50 m. Max capacity Lift height up to 10m height, a maximum working radius of 40 m. and a maximum hook height of just over 52 m. It can lift 1 tonne to 29.5 m radius. Please call 01883 743322 for further details.
Cormach Crane | 31.95 Tonne Capacity
The Cormach crane 240000AX E9 has a maximum lift capacity of 31.95 Tonne (31,950 Kg). With the Fly-Gib fitted, it has the capacity to lift 1020 kg to a maximum radius of 44 m. The maximum lift height is 49 m. This crane is demounsable, primaraly fitted to a HGV Lorry Euro VI – D. We also have a tracked carrier that can transport the crane across rough terrain to locations that a HGV is unable to access. Call 01892 662777 (Ask for Joby) or 01883 743322 (Ask for Keaten) for further details.
City Crane | Kato CR 130Ri
The Kato CR-130Ri city crane is a highly versatile mobile crane with a 13,000kg lift capacity. The boom length is 5.3m to 24.0m with an optional jib 3.6m to 5.5m. The crane has a width of just 1,995mm and a height of 2,845mm this will allow access to sites with restricted access.
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